Regional Hubs

The mission of the Asbury Church Planting Connection is to connect, train, and mobilize God’s people to plant and re-mission reproducing churches in every context. We are a decentralized connectional network made up of like-minded church planters, networks, and organizations. We hope to enable relational connections for church planters through an interactive website, an annual gathering, and through regional hubs located in strategic geographic locations. 

What is a regional hub? A regional hub is a church or organization that is actively engaged in gathering, mentoring, and mobilizing God’s people to reproduce new churches in their context. Since the inception of the Church Planting Initiative at Asbury in 2015, we have been partnering with hubs informally to create training opportunities across the globe. With the launch of the Connection, we are happy to consider all of our partners as official hubs through which we can continue to channel mobilization resources. 

Planting churches requires critical and intimate engagement with the particular context in which the new church will grow. This means the best way to create successful, missional plants is to partner with local leaders who know the needs of their context. Every Hub is an organic expression of their particular city, and the Asbury Church Planting Connection hopes to serve as a catalyst for the unique work already being done there through funded fellowships, training institutes, and further resourcing.

Our Regional Hubs

The Gregory Centre

The Gregory Centre Team, led by the Bishop of Islington, exists to support leaders and church teams across London, England and beyond to multiply disciples, congregations and movements. They are based at St. Edmund the King in the City of London, where the majority of their courses are held. Learn more.

The Orchard

The Orchard Church in Tupelo, Mississippi has a vision for planting churches in strategic rural towns through its Trellis Initiative. By initiating church plants and partnering with other churches to plant, Trellis seeks to begin new works that will serve as church planting centers and resourcing centers for other outlying churches. To resource this work, The Orchard through Trellis also has a year-long residency that raises up pastors, worship leaders and church planters from the next generation to meet the needs in these centers, communities and beyond. Learn more.

El Discipulo 21

Disciple 21 discovers, develops, and deploys passionate spiritual leaders into the world to bring about the kingdom of God by planting disciple-making churches. Learn more.

The Transformation Network

The Transformation Network is a voluntary association of local churches committed to the transformation of the Northwest Metro Area. The primary strategy employed by the Network to accomplish this vision is through Church Planting. Our desire is to launch 20 like-minded, different-looking churches in this geographic area in the next 10 years. Learn more.

New Journey Ministries

New Journey Ministries is committed to preaching the Word of God. Our desire is not just to give information, but to provide a practical application of God’s word so that everyone can experience a transformation in their lives. It is also our desire to experience the presence of God in a meaningful way through our passionate worship, prayer, giving & fellowship. Learn more.

Ecclesia, Boise

Ecclesia is a community of like-minded, entrepreneurial and creative churches and leaders who are on a collective mission to revolutionize the church and to reach our post-Christian culture. Learn more.

The Inspire Movement

The Inspire Movement is an international network of people who are committed to developing missional discipleship in the leadership and life of the church. Their vision is to help all Christians live as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries, who abide deeply with God and live missionally in the world. They hope to accomplish this by partnering with persons, groups, organizations and local churches to offer support, training, and networking for this disciple-making ministry. Learn more.

New Room Conference

The New Room Conference is about one thing: Sowing for a Great Awakening—Awakening in our hearts, homes, churches, cities, and away to the ends of the Earth. Each year, they gather hundreds of planters, leaders, and pastors for inspiration, teaching, and prayer. Learn more.

Mission Igniter

Mission Igniter is a church planting incubator that provides the support and financial and technical assistance to birth and develop churches to maturity. The environment and structure of an incubator provides space for new ideas to be tried and provides for mutual collaboration and support from both seasoned leaders and others currently launching new churches. Learn more.

Exponential Conference

Exponential brings together thousands of church Kingdom leaders, planters, and coaches for inspiration, encouragement, and equipping for the work of creating multiplicating movements. Learn more.